Non-slip showers

When you are looking for a suitable non-slip solution, you will often come across two different solutions: non-slip coatings and anti-slip treatments. Here you will learn the differences between the two options so you can decide which solution is best for you requirements.

Anti-Slip Treatment

An anti-slip treatment is an acid etching technique. The process involves an acid which attacks the calcium in the flooring or reacts with the glaze and silica composite of tiles. Therefore, the anti-slip treatments chemically damage and change the structure of the tile surface. Because an anti-slip treatment breaks the seal of tiles, it can be difficult to keep the surface clean after the treatment.

Swiss GriP: Slip-Free Shower and Tub

Swiss GriP is the superior solution for non-slip showers and bathrooms. Swiss GriP is invisible, durable and easy to clean. And unlike other solutions, Swiss GriP is independently certified by CSIRO Australia in accordance to the Australian Standard for slip-resistance. When it comes to safety, only the best is good enough.

Why should I use Swiss GriP?

  • 1) Slip-Free Shower – Certified by CSIRO Australia
  • 2) Easy to install – Use our premium quality DIY kit or call for installation service
  • 3) Invisible – Transparent and UV-stable non-slip coating
  • 4) Hygienic – Easy to clean due to water and dirt repellent technology
  • 5) Non-etching – Swiss GriP does not damage or alter the surface it is applied onto
  • 6) Most used non-slip coating – Installed in over 10 million bathrooms world-wide


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